I write, therefore I am.

Words as basic food.
Radio, paper, film.
As almost all people that love to read and do so extensively, I’ve always written. First of course diaries, then stories, and during my time at university, articles for newspapers. When I started to work for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF), my life as a professional journalist began.

I still write as a journalist, for the online magazine www.alters.kulturen.cc.

I have been liberating myself from reproducing of what others think and say.

I have slowly turned into an author and writer.


My curiosity never stops. Everything moves.
From Musicbox (Ö3, Austrian radio) to Radiokolleg (Ö1, Austrian radio)
As a journalist, I have covered almost anything you can write about and report. My favorite topics include:
Space with all of its galaxies, quarks, strings, higgs, neutrinos, solar winds. Quantum physics, nano technology. Seeds and gene banks. Sustainable and alternative concepts of thinking and living. Refugees. Women topics.
Ageing. Art and medicine. Therapies for body and soul. Shamanism. Humor. Dance. Intercultural philosophy and medicne. Literature from Asia, Africa, Arabic countries, Latin America.
I started as a radio journalist with the legendary “Musicbox” on Ö3 (Austrian radio): progressive, rebellious, creative, critical and questioning. Very questioning. The next radio program was called the “Minibox“, which received the Grand Austrian State Prize for Journalist Achievements on behalf of youth, as well as the Karl Renner Prize.
Then I worked for Ö1, which is THE Austrian cultural broadcasting program. I was executive editor of the series “Nova. Abenteuer. Perspektiven. Utopien“ (Nova. Adventure. Perspectives. Utopias), dealing with future-oriented topics. I also served as executive editor for the series “Radiokolleg”. This series has been regarded as the most important acoustic example for educational radio.


Author : Journalist = 50 : 50

It’s not always easy not be a journalist. But I’m working on it. Here’s proof:

"spring anna spring", published in "gangway#43", an international online literary magazine, October 2012

"die erbschaft", published in "gangway#43", an international online literary magazine, October 2012


"Altersgrenzen", published in "Sterz" 102, magazine for literature, art and cultural policy

"Reisesouvenir", published in "Reisen im Damenabteil. Frauen erzählen", AFZ

Film scripts:

In 1972, Herbert Holba’s film "Die ersten Tage" (The First Days) was broadcast on TV. It tells the story of a group of survivors and how they cope after a catastrophe. The film was shown in 1971 at the International Film Festival Berlin. This was the first film I worked on, triggering my life-long passion for the making of films. It was much later that I received formal training as a script writer.

In 2012, I collaborated on the treatment for the "Was heißt denn hier Ruhestand?" (Retirement, What’s That?) by Kurt Brazda and Benjamin Epp. 3sat broadcast the film on September 26 2012.

Unfinished project, "Garten der vergessenen Früchte" (Forgotten Fruits of Eden). Finished treatment on the topics of seeds, gene banks, biodiversity. Short summary: “Schwarzes Gold” (Black Gold, botanical name negru aur), an ancient rye strain, seems to have been lost forever. Was it coincidence, sabotage, or careless storing at the gene bank? Biologist Daniela Strohmer tries to retrieve this precious strain of seeds. Her search for negru aur changes her attitude to life and love.