When if not now --
- Found an association viewing the ageing process as a time of starting: Alters.kulturen
- Write down observations of an elderly lady
Caution! Older People!
Getting older is not a disease but part of life. 
Those who don’t want to get old should hang themselves in time.
No more Oldies Bashing.


ALTERS.KULTUREN is an Association for a Creative Way of Life, situated in Vienna, Austria.
We focuss on seeing the potential of older people and not only the deficit.
We who are older cannot satisfy anyone. If we want to continue in our jobs, we’re told we should leave the jobs to younger ones. If we cannot move after years of hard physical work, we’re regarded as parasites, straining the state budget with our pensions. We have been called threatening “demographic time bombs” and “Mallorca retirees” (Florida retirees), only dealing with our well-being in our “retirement recreational Nirwana”.
On other end of the spectrum, we older people are talked about in revering tones, highlighting our dignity, our wisdom, and our endless treasure trove of experience. Old age must be revered. Gray-haired people must be respected as long as they behave “according to their age”.

I don’t like either of these extremes.
This is why I co-founded ALTERS.KULTUREN, an association for a creative way of life, as well as the AGE COMPANY.
The association aims at questioning the usual stereotypes of growing older, using public relations. We want to show new, future-oriented, sustainable images of old(er) age. We’re stressing the creative development potential of us older people. We want to show that we can still live our dreams and start a new life without losing sight of the limits that getting older entail
The online magazine http:// regularly features articles, recommendations, etc. dealing with questions of ageing.
The AGE COMPANY is a group of people around and above fifty years of age that develop and publicly perform contemporary dance performances. Nicole Berndt-Caccivio is the art director. The company was founded in 2008. See dancing: AGE COMPANY.